Preconfigured Linux Systems
Other Linux-Related Products
General Linux Information
Linux Networking
Linux on other Platforms
Personal pages with Linux Info
Linux Technical Info
Foreign Language Sites

Preconfigured Linux Systems

Advanced System Lab
Providers of PC-based Linux workstations.

Apache Digital Corporation
High-performance ALPHA, SPARC, Pentium, and Pentium Pro systems.

ASA Computers, Inc.
Linux-based servers and workstations. Various LAN/WAN products.

Aspen Systems
Linux-based servers and workstations.

Chaos Computing
Workstations, notebooks, custom installation and consulting services.

Kachina UniStation & UniServer
For professional engineers who want to be able to continue to use their favorite OS at home or for low-priced servers in all areas of business and private use.

Linux Hardware Solutions
From laptops to multi-processor servers, with Red Hat Linux.

Linux On A Disk
A 1.08 GB 3.5" hard disk with a Linux and X Windows system pre-configured on half of the drive.

PC Linux-based workstations and servers.

Network and Communications Management
NCM specializes in Linux solutions for network designs.

Promox Systems
Workstations for Linux.

SW Technology Home Page
Pentiums, Alphas, and Notebooks with Linux installed.

Symphony Research (South Africa)
Suppliers of pre-configured Linux Internet systems.

VA Research
Linux Workstations.

A complete 166Mhz Internet Server running Linux.
Other Linux-Related Products

Comtrol (Rocketports)
Serial connectivity products.

Cyclades Corporation
Designer and manufacturer of connectivity products.

Empress Software Inc.
EMPRESS RDBMS for Embedded and WEB based applications running under Linux and most other UNIX O/S's.

Makers of X/NET, a Linux-based graphical Office-Terminal.

Linux for Astronomy
CDROM's full of Astronomy software ported to Linux. 2 Volumes available.

Linux Mall
Anything that you might want for your Linux system. Site has secure online ordering. Linux Mall even provides free Current Caldera, Linux Pro, Red Hat or other Linux CDs.

Linux Systems Labs
Vendor of Linux CDs and books.

Metro Link
A third-party provider of X-Window System software.

O'Reilly & Associates Linux Page
Includes links to their Linux and UNIX book pages, a free excerpt from their Linux Multimedia Guide, Interview with Olaf Kirch, and their recommended links.

SSC, Inc. Catalog
Publishers of Linux Journal. Also sells Linux books, references, T-shirts, mugs, etc.

Stat Design, Inc.
T-shirts, mugs, etc.

Universal CD-ROM
Specialists in CD-ROM software. They carry Linux books and CD-ROMs.

Willow Software
Developer of cross-platform tools for porting Windows applications to UNIX, Macintosh, Java, real-time operating systems, and other environments.
General Linux Information

Bleeding Edge Linux
The very latest sources for Linux kernels and tools.

EGE University Linux Page
Ege University, Turkey.

ext2fs slides
Remy CARD's slides on the ext2fs filesystem, in France.

Focus on Linux
The Mining Company now offers a Linux site. They publish a weekly article and have a collection of Linux links elsewhere.

Knights of the System Table
A free online computer magazine that has a Linux column intended to bring Linux to the desktop computing and homes.

LORE Home Page   (recommended!)
Information about books on Linux, with reviews.

Linux CD and Support Giveaway!
A list of people who are offering free Linux CDs and technical help.

The Linux Counter
Register your Linux box at this site in Norway, and get an idea of how many Linux users there are worldwide.

Linux Documentation Project
The canonical set of Linux online and printed documentation.

Linux Documents
Documents from the MIT Student Information Processing Board and the Linux Documentation Project.
Linux page with FTP site, Kernels, Red Hat 4.2, IRC server, Programming Resources, and much more!

Linux HomeBoy page
A fun collection of useful Linux info.

A little outdated, but also includes Japanese versions.

Linux HOWTO Search-Engine
Comprehensive Linux-HOWTO page equiped with search utilities.

Linux International
An organization for promoting the use of Linux.

The Linux Kernel Archives
The primary site for the Linux kernel source, and more.

Linux Kernel Glossary
A resource for aspiring kernel programmers.

Linux Programmer's BouncePoint
Linux Programming documentation link collection.

The Linux Kernel Enhancement Wish List
A list of features it might be nice for Linux to have.

Linux Newsletter
The Linux Newsletter is E-mailed to subscribers on a periodic basis to keep them current with news that affects the Linux Comunity, pointers to resources, announcements of new software, discussions of relevant topics, and specials on commercial software at the Linux Mall. Back issues are available at this site.

Linux NOW!
Easy access to binaries and source code, Linux documentation, user based technical support, and benchmark comparisons.

Linux Places
A set of linux links that tries to cover most of the needed information for new and seasoned linux users.

Linux PPP Configuration for the Impatient
Answers common questions about using PPP to connect your Linux box to the Internet.

The Linux Problem Solving Page
A list of relatively common problems that users have with Linux systems, along with their solutions.

Linux Resource Kit
Provides timely information on networking Linux and broad information on Ethernet, PPP, Modems, TCP/IP UDP/ICMP/ARP, Routing, DHCP/Bootp, DNS/Bind, NFS, Microsoft Windows, Networking, Samba, Web, Apache, SNMP, and Network Management

Linux Resources at Fuller Theological Seminary
Fuller Theological Seminary uses Linux to provide Internet Services to its students, faculty and staff, and provides certain services to the Linux community at large.

Linux Technical/Networking Page
Technical notes about Linux, and pointers to more information.
An on-line Linux Users Group for people interested in learning more about Linux, providing help to other Linuxers, and promoting Linux.

Linux Web Watcher
Keeps track of the last modified date of many Linux related web pages. Automagically updated daily.

Linux: what is it?
Info for people wanting to know what Linux is.

Necroscope's Linux Links
Linux resources on the Internet.

Oak Tree Computer Services Linux Site
General Linux Information. Main Feature is the Linux Question Time, an open forum for Linux problems.

Official Red Hat Linux Users Guide
An online manual for this popular distribution.

Plasma Linux
Distributions, Library, and other links.

Psyched Linux Kernels
Provides an automatically updated link to the very latest Linux kernel, both for kernel tree v2.0 and v2.1.

Scientific Applications on Linux (SAL)
SAL is a collection of information and links of software that scientists and engineers will be interested in. The broad coverage on Linux applications will also benefit the whole Linux/Unix community.

SimpleFixes for Slackware
How to solve minor problems with the Slackware distribution.

Space Station Raven - A Linux Workstation
Raven is shareware online text, to promote Linux, and help you do something useful with it.

The UK Linux Homepage
General Info, Tutorials, Quick Tips, Reviews, and Articles.
Linux information from Great Britain.

The World of Linux
Newsgroups, Solving problems, Linux on the WWW, and Where to get Linux.

Woven Goods for LINUX
Lots of Linux info, with a Linux search engine.

The famous search engine's list of Linux resources.

Gaijin's guide to Japanese on Linux
English instructions for running your Linux box in Japanese.

Linux Beginner's Resources
A collection of beginner's info on Linux.

Linux Book Reviews
A page to give you some guidance toward purchasing a Linux book that will fit your needs.

Linux Business Applications
References to commercial sites that make use of Linux to support their day-to-day business functions.

Linux Commercial Vendor Index
An index to help people find commercial applications that are native to Linux.

Linux Directory Services
A free database of people and services for the Linux Community.

Linux Logos
A source for logos for Linux, including the ubiquitous penguin.

Linux pages
Includes AI/Alife information.

The Linux WebRing
Designed to make it easier for Linux users to find web sites with Linux-related information. Allows users to easily skip to other sites in the ring.

Living Linux
An on-line column about Linux, and a place to find more information about Linux, as well as the "Linux95" bumper stickers.

Running a Perfect Internet Site with Linux
The complete text of this 500 page book is online.

The Secret Life of Linux Penguins
These animals are very shy, but also have a highly developed social life ....

Softcraft Impresa
Softcraft Impresa home page with Linux and related information.

Using Linux in a Training Environment
When DCI needed a versatile, flexible training room for their UNIX-based client/server development courses, the answer was Linux.

What Is...Linux (a definition)
The on-line Internet glossary's look at what Linux is all about.

The Diald Home Page
Diald provides on demand Internet connectivity for Linux, giving you complete automated control over your SLIP or PPP links.

ISDN Solutions for Linux
ISDN hardware, software, and advice for Linux.

Linux CORBA References
A reference to the various Linux CORBA implementations, including an evaluation of some of the packages.

Multicast and MBONE on Linux
How to setup your computer for multicasting. Also has lists of applications available and other sites with related information.

NIS/NIS+ for Linux
NIS and NIS+ Information and programs/patches for Linux.

PPP for Linux - The easy way
Set up PPP in an hour.

Shadow Passwords
Recipe-style instructions for installing the shadow password package.

ZanNet is a combination Windows 95 network client and UNIX server that provides you with a Windows 95 network drive to access your server files and edit them directly on the server.
Other platforms

Linux for Acorn Machines

ARM Linux

AXP Linux

Linux on the Compaq Aero

DEC Alpha

Linux and X on the Epson AN910c

Linux on the IBM ThinkPad

The Linux/m68k Home Pages

Linux/m68k Registration Site

Linux Services for Macintosh and Windows Users


Linux on the NEC Versa laptop

Linux on the OSF Microkernel

Linux for the Power Macintosh

NMT PowerPC Linux Port


Linux on Several Platforms

Sparc-Linux WWW Page

Texas Instruments TravelMate 4000M

Linux VAX Homepage

UltraPenguin 1.0 -- Linux on UltraSPARC I and II workstations
Personal Home Pages with Linux Info

Alan Ng's Web Page

All about Linux (antonio)

All About Linux (adampr)

Another OS Page...

Atomic Void's Linux Page

Cheaper than Belly-Button Lint

ElWeasel's Linux Beginners page

Erik Larsen's Linux Assistant page

Everything Linux!

Fogarasi Andras's homepage


Gerhard's Linux Links and Information

The great Linux experience

IUT de Montlucon

Joao Ventura Homepage

John's Linux Page (jgotts)

John's Linux Page (luederjh)

Johnny C's Linux resource page

Johnny Luser's Starbelly Sneetches Web Page

Karl Home page

LINUX: The Windows Alternative!

LiNuX LinX

Linux "The Power OS"

Linux ... & Sundry

Linux Diary

Linux Goodies

Linux HHH resources

Linux Info

Linux Simplifcation Project

The Linux Zone

Linux at Unicks

Linux for life

Linux: What Is It?


Lucc's Linux Linx

M.H.'s Linux Links

Matt's Linux Page

Nic's Linux Page

Niko's Linux Page

Noah's Linux Page

OSU Linux Collaboration

Oleg Dulin's Linux Page

Oleg Lapshin's Linux information

On Linux

pizzahut's Linux links


Rich's Linux Page

Rick's Linux Page at UT Austin

Ripley Linux Tools and Links

Rob's Linux Page

Schlaege's Linux Hitachi Laptop Page

Scott's Linux Page

Some Linux Information

Steve Frampton's Home Page

TaKoDamon's Linux Page

Todd's X Windows Applications Page

Using Linux

What is LINUX?
Technical issues

PGP use with Linux
Using the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) public key cryptography scheme on your Linux system.

Java Linux
Java, Sun's programming language for the Web, comes to Linux.

Linux Java Tips and Hints Page
A collection of tips and hints from Linux and non-Linux Java programmers related to system configuration and programming. You can also add your own tips and hints.

Linux Java online companion
The most recent Linux port of Java Development Kit and links related to Java programming.

Oracle on Linux
How to run the SCO version of Oracle on a Linux system using emulation.

Linux at CESDIS
The Center of Excellence in Space Data & Information Sciences.

Linux Kernel Changes
A guide to what's changed between different versions of the Linux kernel.

The Linux Fortran Information Page
Information about running the language of the past under Linux.

Linux Kernel Configuration
The combined wisdom of the net regarding the configuration options of the Linux kernel.

Linux Kernel/Loadable Modules
Object files containing routines and/or data to load into a running kernel.

Linux Mobile-IP at Binghamton
Transparent host migration on the Internet.

Linux Mobile-IP at National University of Singapore
Another Mobile-IP page.

Linux Netatalk
A suite of programs that implement Appletalk Protocols for Linux.

Linux Source Navigator
A CGI interface to browse the entire Linux kernel source.

Linux version usage
Intended to provide some infomation about the stability of the various kernel patches.

Samba (australia)
A suite of programs which work together to allow clients to access UNIX filespace and printers via the SMB (Session Message Block) protocol.

Linux Man Pages
A form to view various man pages for Linux.

Linux NFS Installation
Requires frames. An easy method of installing Linux for machines with a dedicated connection to the Internet.

Real-Time Linux
Allows Linux to handle time-critical tasks.

Linux Enterprise Computing
A survey of Linux as a mission-critical enterprise server.

Linux Memory Savers
Trimming the fat off your Linux system. Includes the Linux-Lite kernel, designed to run 896kB.

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Standards for filesystem structure for Linux systems.

Linux Security
Linux Security FAQ Updates and the Linux Emergency Response Team.

Linux Undocumented Tricks Page
A few techniques to help Linux run more smoothly that you won't find in the documentation.

The Linux Configuration Page
This page is intended to help people install Linux by listing hardware configurations and config files that others have used.

The Linux Benchmarks
See how your machine compares.

Linux Benchmark 2
A Linux port of BYTE Magazine's BYTEmark benchmark program; a tool to compare the system it is run on to a benchmark system.

PC-Clone UNIX Hardware Buyer's Guide
This is your one-stop resource for information about how to buy and configure PC-clone hardware for cheap, powerful Linux systems.

Linux Floppy Tapes
Information on people's real-life experiences using floppy tape drives. You should read this in conjunction with the FTape-HOWTO.

Linux SMP
Linux for shared memory multiprocessor machines.

Linux kernel coding style
A short document describing the preferred coding style for the linux kernel.

DCF77 for Linux
A collection of resources for using a DCF77 radio receiver with Linux.

Reptile's Linux Security Page
Security alerts, bug exploits, and other fun stuff.

The Linux Security Home Page
Somewhere to get holes, exploits, patches, and fixes easily and quickly, without having to find out the hard way.

The Custom Linux Kernel Generator
Compiling a kernel is now as easy as clicking your mouse. (Down at the moment. Should be back up in a few weeks.)

Parallel Processing using Linux
Speeding-up the execution of Linux programs by dividing the program into multiple fragments that can execute simultaneously, each on its own processor.

The Linux Programmer's Guide
A guide to help Linux programmers understand the peculiarities of Linux.

The GUI Toolkit/Framework Page
An attempt to provide a comprehensive reference on toolkits for building GUI, with emphasis on resources for free software.

Unoffical Slackware FAQs
Answers to FAQs about those glitches and annoying little "features" in the Slackware distribution.

The Linux Kernel Source Tour
Another HTML Kernel source browser.

Linux High Performance SCSI / RAID Pages
What SCSI and RAID are, and why you should use them.

Linux PCMCIA Information Page
Card Services for Linux is a complete PCMCIA support package.

ATM on Linux
ATM support for Linux is currently in pre-alpha stage.

Xi Graphics
Networked graphics technology products, including X Windows display servers, Motif window manager and development, and OpenGL development. Available for FreeBSD and Linux.

XFree86 Home Page
X servers, client programs, documentation, etc. supplied by the XFree86 Project, Inc.

The Official FVWM Homepage
An ICCCM compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager for X11.

The FVWM-95 home page
A hack of fvwm2.x. A window manager with the look-and-feel similar to Windows 95®.

Enlightenment aims at being the most configurable and best looking Window Manager available, while being as lean, fast and portable as possible.

Window Managers for X
Guide to window managers for The X Window System

Foreign Language Links

Recursos Linux de EA4DQX
Spanish. Recursos, aplicaciones, ficheros de Linux Resources, apps and files for Linux

Baastrup & Bayard GbR Software-Design

Czech Linux Homepage

EGE University Linux Page

Hungarian LUG Home

Il sistema operativo Linux

Indice de Linux

Italian Linux Documentation Project


Linux an der RWTH Aachen

Linux-Archiv \bersicht

Linux-WWW-Seiten in aller Welt

Linux Square

Slackware Linux Distribution

S.u.S.E Linux

Czech Linux Documentation

Linux Directory at Spain

Polska Grupa Uzytkownikow Linuxa

L'Echo de Linux

GENERATIONS: All You Want to Know about Linux
Hungarian with some English.



Yet Another Linux Mania in Korea

The Linux Documentation Project in Spanish.

Linux på svenska, danska och norska
Linux material in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. Evolving translations of the HOWTO documents, links to user groups and other Nordic resources on the net.

Linux in Russia

Linux Magazin
The homepage of the German Linux magazine. (Requires frames.)

Linux JF(Japanese FAQ) Homepage
Collection of documents about Linux in Japanese. A lot of links, search documents, Book Reviews and so on.

La Home Page di Linux


Krakowska Grupa Uzytkownikow Linuxa

Linux in Latvia

The Linux Danish/International HOWTO Page
You can read the latest version of the HOWTO here, or you can download it as plain text, PostScript or SGML-source.

Homepage of the Dutch Linux user group

Linux Manpages-es
Linux man pages in Spanish. Plus information and links related to Linux sources and issues for spanish speaking users.

Welcome to Linux

Un autre monde

Il Linux Gazette Edizione Italiana
An Italian version of the Linux Gazette.

Directorio Linux 2.0
Spanish. Linux resources and upgrade notes to 2.0 kernel series.

Documentos de Linux

Linux Québec

Linux Focus
LinuxFocus attemps to be the first multilingual on-line magazine devoted to the popularization of Linux. Available in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

Greek Linux Resources
This page is a collection of URLs of interest to Greek Linux Users. (WWW,ftp, Greek support, etc)

Linux Thai Informations
Linux Thai Information.

This site is maintained by Taiwan Linux User Group.

Linux in Switzerland
A page promoting Linux within Switzerland and having links to local usergroups.

Linux France
Linux for french-speaking people (Linux pour les francophones)