Logging on to the R/3-System 

In order to log on to the system you will need appropriate information which is provided by the chair as well as by the [ user administration of the IT-center ].

The user administation hands out paper strips containing the necessary information. The following table shows an example of such a paper strip.

System: A01

Benutzer: STUDENTX01

Mandant: 390

Kennwort: ABCDEFG

After receiving the paper strip, you can logon immediately. The user ID has already been created.

A program called SAPLOGON which is installed on the respective computers in the [ pools ] will guide you through the process of logging in.

Depending on the installed Windows version you start the program SAPLOGON as follows:
Win 9x/
1. Start -> Programs -> SAP Frontend -> SAP logon.

2 .Doubleclick shortcut on desktop.

The following screenshot shows the available systems(at the University of Mannheim).
SAP Logon


Choose the system you would like to run by double clicking or highlighting and confirming with logon.

The following SAP R/3 logon-screen will show:

SAP Logon

Fill in the client number (Mandant), user name (Benutzer), password (Kennwort) and language (Sprache, e.g."de" for german or "en" for english), then press the Return-key.
On first login a window will pop up in which your initial password has to be changed. (The input fields can be selected with the tabulature-key.)

neues Passwort eingeben

Depending on your choice one of the following SAP R/3 start-screens will show.

login firsttime46c.screen

More about this topic you will find [ here ]. [ FAQ and more Information ]


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