Primus Hardware

The hardware was assembled and delivered by [ Pyramid a Siemens Company ]. There are 8 modules, each with 6 processors.
  • 48 MIPS R4400 Processors with speeds varying between 150 and 250 MHz
  • each processor is equiped with 256 to 1024 MB main memory
  • and about 2-4 GB disk space, making a total of 140 GB

The current configuration of the hardware is shown in the following picture. The small boxes left and right of the RM1000 are the USVs.

Bild der RM1000

The Reliant RM1000 is based on modular cabinets called cells. Cells can be stacked two high and connected side-by-side to build larger configurations. Each cell supports a maximum of six single processor nodes, up to 24 hot-pluggable disk nodes, control and environment nodes for service network, redundant cooling, four internal dual hosted SCSI buses and four external SCSI buses, six Ethernet interfaces and our optional QIC-320 tape drive. Each cell also features redundant Mesh Interconnects, N+1 power supplies and redundant disk fans, hot swappable power supplies, fans, processor, disk, control and environmental nodes, RAID 5 and/or mirror disks, and redundant disk paths.

With an extensive service network, the Reliant RM1000 ensures rapd fault diagnosis and isolation. The network consists of an intra-cell network providing control and sense functions internal to each cell. These control and sense functions control disk node front panel LED, power supply status, disk node cooling fan status, a global synchronized clock, and call home remote reporting. (Source: Pyramid Web Site)

Two entry modules are additionaly equiped with the following
  • FDDI interface to the university backbone
The console, a RM200 with MIPS R4000 is additionaly equiped with the following
  • QUIC Tape
  • Floppy Disk


More pictures of individual modules.

RM1000-1 RM1000-2
RM1000-3 RM1000-4

For more information contact:
Heinz Kredel <> or <>

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