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The workplace of R/3 4.6B and 4.6C

After the successful login, the following screen appears:

The R/3-screen of version 4.6B consists of the following elements:

a) the menue bar

In version 4.6B the menue bar is not as important as it was in former versions. No modifications need to be made here.

b) the SAP easy access standard menue

= session manager as shown above.

This menue provides the same features as the session manager of version 4.0B except the following issues:

  1. design

  2. handling of the "Technical names" feature

    Choose in the menue bar: EXTRAS -> SETTINGS

    technische namen

    Navigation in SAP R/3 without technical names:

    Doubleclick or highlight and press ENTER.

    Baum Navigation

    Navigation in SAP R/3 with technical names displayed:

    Now in addition an application can be started by typing the displayed transaction code into the commandline followed by pressing ENTER.

    Baum Navigation

  3. creating individual menues


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