SuParCup' 97 Winners

Gold 5,000 DM

NMR Chemical Shift Calculations on Parallel Platforms: 752 POINTS
Author: Bernd Pfrommer
Affiliation: University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA

Silver 3,000 DM

Numerical Simulation of the Unsteady Flow Through a Counterrotating Propfan on the Numerical Wind Tunnel: 750 POINTS
Author: Karl Engel*, Frank Eulitz*, and Kazuomi Yamamoto+
Affiliation: *German Aerospace Research Establishment, Cologne, GERMANY, +National Aerospace Laboratory, Tokyo, JAPAN

Bronze 1,000 DM

Molecular Dynamics on Massively parallel computers: 726 POINTS
Author: Jörg Stadler
Affiliation: University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, GERMANY

Student Prize 2,000 DM

Fast Solver for Incompressible Flows: 635 POINTS
Author: Hubertus Oswald
Affiliation: IWR, University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, GERMANY

Number of Entries: 17; Highest Point: 752; Lowest Point: 405; Average Point: 599