To promote Parallel Computing the Mannheim Supercomputing Conference „Supercomputer '99" herewith announces the Mannheim SuParCup '99 which will be awarded at the Mannheim Supercomputer '99 Conference, June 10-12, 1999. The Award should appeal to anyone with experience in the use of parallel computers - including MPP, SMP, PVP systems and PC/WS clusters - for the solution of real problems.


The Award will be dedicated to an outstanding contribution in the field of parallel computing, e.g.:
  • a novel application in parallel computing
  • a new parallel approach to an important algorithm
  • a remarkable performance and/or speedup for a real application
Five prizes will be awarded:

5000 DM
             3000 DM
                         1000 DM

The deadline for the contributions is May 7, 1999. The size should be 4 to 5 pages, including the description of the problem, the algorithm, the parallel approach, the machine configuration, and the results (problem size, number of processors, CPU and communication time, etc.).
A special prize for the best industrial application (Carl Benz Award) of 4000 DM and a special student prize of 2000 DM for the best contribution of a non-graduate, in order to promote first steps in the field of parallel computing, will be awarded.

The international Award Commitee consists of

J. Almond (Reading), J. J. Dongarra (Knoxville), A. Emmen (Amsterdam), W. Gentzsch (Regensburg), F. Hoßfeld (Jülich), D. Maric (Manno), G. Meurant (Bruyeres), A. Reuter (Bruchsal), W. Schmidt (Stuttgart), H. Simon (Berkeley)

Mannheim SuParCup '99 is sponsored by

Compaq, DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Telekom, Fujitsu, Genias, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, HWW Stuttgart, IBM, NEC, Pallas, PrimeurLive, Scali, Silicon Graphics, Siemens, Sun, Supercomputer '99

The Programme Committee page can be found here (access restricted for PC-members only).

Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Meuer, Rechenzentrum Universitaet Mannheim
„Mannheim SuParCup ‘99“, L 15,16, D-68131 Mannheim
Phone ++49 621 292 5258, Fax ++49 621 292 5012

Poster: PDF, A4.eps (zip), A3.eps (zip)

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